DeafRead has humans who use judgment in deciding which posts are published at DeafRead. These humans are formally known as Human Moderators. No computer program can do this task which requires human judgment. Alternatively, publishing every single post will quickly turn DeafRead into a junk-filled website, with exploiters abusing the site for their own benefit.

Blogs are based on the concept that people can write openly and freely about their thoughts and opinions. A DeafRead visitor should be able to see the varying perspectives Deaf and Hard of Hearing people have on deaf-related issues, highlighting each individual's uniqueness.

As a blog aggregator, DeafRead pulls updates from blogs that are registered with DeafRead as well as articles that contain certain buzz words.

DeafRead draws updated blog entries and/or articles and lists them in the administration portion of the website. Each human moderator then logs into the website as an adminstrator and reviews each blog entry. Sometimes there are as many as a hundred and sometimes as few as twenty per day.

These are simple guidelines for DeafRead Human Moderators to follow when they are moderating posts. They also help blog authors understand how they can better craft their posts as to increase the likelihood their posts are published.

1) Deaf Related Posts

The entry must pertain to the deaf community and culture. The blogger being deaf or the vlog being in ASL is not enough to qualify. For example, let's say a blogger decides to do a film review of "Forrest Gump", it will not be posted because it is not deaf-related. However, if the blogger were to do a review of the availability of captions/subtitles in the "Extra Features" section of the 'Forrest Gump' DVD, that would be acceptable. Also, say a blogger initally writes about something deaf-related then goes off on a tangent and remarks about how the movie is rated. This would be fine. In short, it needs to pertain to the deaf community no matter who makes the blog/vlog entry.

2) Adult Material

There cannot be anything on your post that could be objectionable to parents of children under 18 years of age. This includes nudity, vulgarity, grotesque photos (i.e. a photo or video of Richard Pearle). Acceptable cuss words would be anything that is allowed to be on network TV at primetime.

3) Pastes or Re-posts

For example, if someone wants to paste an entire article from the New York Times on their blog site, it won't be posted on DeafRead. However, it is accepted practice to paste a few relevant excerpts and, at the bottom, link to the article. We strongly recommend properly citing sources.

4) Bad or Non-working Links

If the website in question does not load properly or it requires registration it is skipped. E-mail us if the website was fixed to inform us and we will review it again.

5) Repeats

If there are ten articles about Marlee Matlin doing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, we will post only one or two articles. In the Matlin example, there were more than 10 articles from various publications across the country.

6) Commerical Sites

We do not link to commerical sites for the purpose of generating profit, other than our own (we have expenses to cover!).

7) Photo Albums and Local Interests

We generally skip over photo albums and scores from sporting events (i.e. CSDR boys basketball plays Fremont and wins 99-98 and there are 20 photos of the event) because we feel that it has a local interest, meaning it is something for the local community to view. DeafRead is a worldwide website with viewers from all over the globe. Comparably, USA Today does not publish photos of a NBA game invloving your local team unless there was a melee that generates nationwide interest.

8) Name Calling and Discrimination

DeafRead is enjoyed by all kinds of people worldwide ranging from children to senior citizens. It is also safe to assume that people from all races enjoy DeafRead. We will not post anything that is an attack on a specific race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orienation, age or religion. This offense is serious and the offending blog will be promptly considered for removal from DeafRead's subscription.

Naming a person is still fine, however if the named person is insulted, or targeted negatively, it will raise a flag for which we will survey the post more closely. Criticizing an idea or organization is fine. Any exceedingly negative posts, regardless of whether a name is used, will be omitted.

On recorded documentation (paper and electronic), names and other identifying markers must be redacted, erased, crossed out to the point of unreadability.

We reserve the right to judge accordingly based on its degree of negativity.

9) Changing post content/title after being published

Blogs that change their posts after its been published at DeafRead AND as a result breaches guidelines will be considered for removal.


We at DeafRead reserve the right to determine whether to post/skip anything that may fall into grey areas.

If a post delegated to DeafRead Extra is in complete breach of Guidelines, no number of votes can move it to DeafRead.

Ultimately, we at DeafRead assume ZERO RESPONSIBILITY for any content posted at DeafRead regardless of whether it meets the guidelines above or not. Each blogger is solely responsible for the content posted on his/her website.

Unlike news outlets, which advertise their articles as providing accurate and truthful information, DeafRead provides an one-place stop where readers can locate blogs that discuss deaf-related issues. DeafRead does not verify the information on links we list as accurate or truthful. We do not have the resources to check endless number of blogs for their accuracy and truthfulness. It is up to the reader to assess the credibility and reliability of each blog they read.

Human Moderators are all human and suspectible to errors in judgment. We gladly accept criticism and will listen to your objections, but still reserve the right to make any final decisions as to the content we allow on DeafRead.

We simply cannot make everyone happy, but we will strive to make DeafRead readable for everyone from all walks of life to the best of our abilities.

Small print:

Posts by hearing authors are welcome but face a more stringent standard.

DeafRead maintains that it does not endorse any of the blogs by the mere act of publishing.

As the blogosphere is everchanging, the above Guidelines are subject to changes to adapt with the times.

Please remember that...
Human Moderators are not created equal; in fact, their unique background and experience are what makes them human. The same goes for blog authors. Because a Human moderator publishes an opinionated post does not mean the Human moderator agrees with it. We will often publish posts with which we disagree.

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