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DeafRead Dashboard features

DeafRead Hide
DeafRead Hide was created to allow you to personalize DeafRead. You can control which blogs you want and don't want to see on DeafRead. Add blogs to your DeafRead Hide by clicking "Hide" below the blog summary on DeafRead. Also, you can add more blogs to your list on the DeafRead Hide page. Moreover, you can remove blogs from your Hide list so that the blogs appear again on DeafRead. Finally, you can also reset your Hide list should you want to start afresh. Read more about DeafRead Hide.

Bookmark a Post
Click "bookmark post" under the post on DeafRead to bookmark a post. Bookmarking posts makes it easier to track posts you are interested in; e.g. to follow its comments. Manage your bookmarks on your list of bookmarks. You can delete a single bookmark, or delete all your bookmarks. They are ordered by publish date. There is a limit of 25 bookmarks per user. (Who needs more than 25?) Adding more than 25 will automatically delete the oldest post.

Flag a Post
To flag a post, click "flag post" under the post on DeafRead. A flag or flags will bring a post to our attention and we will re-evaulate it. This enables you to communicate with the DeafRead team.

DeafRead Email
As a convenience, this feature allows a reader to easily email a blog post to their friends and family. If you are logged in, it will take you through the short process of sending an email. If you are not logged in, you will be then asked to sign in. After this sign up, you will be taken to the email page. To send an e-mail containing a blog post, go to the post summary on DeafRead. Find the button with the link "Dashboard" under it. It has an icon on the right side. The icon is of a gear. Clicking on "Dashboard" will display all the Dashboard functions. Click on the E-mail link.

DeafRead Like
DeafRead Like makes it quick and easy for you to show that you liked the blog entry. At the end of the blog entry, you will see a button labeled "Dashboard" to pop up a menu. That's where you can find the Like. Because the Like feature will show the usernames and a count of those who liked the blog post, it requires you to register and login a DeafRead account before you can start to like posts. You can view a list of the posts that you "Liked". The link is on the top of your Dashboard. I hope you all enjoy this feature which will help give positive encouragement to bloggers.

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