DeafRead’s new direction

Tayler MayerTayler Mayer By Tayler Mayer
Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Beginning Monday July 23, 2012, DeafRead will head in a new direction. In keeping with changing times, DeafRead will automatically publish all new posts; meaning they will be moderated no longer.

DeafRead will become like DeafVIDEO.TV, in which content appear on the site, then is moderated. The biggest thing that will change is the posts may or may not be deaf-related. That was the niche DeafRead thrived on. Like DeafVIDEO.TV, readers will need to use the DeafRead Hide feature to personalize DeafRead. A hidden blog won’t appear on DeafRead, as long as you are logged in.

A positive change is that posts will be published quicker, in sync with the speed of the Internet. New posts will be published as soon as DeafRead picks it up. A script is initiated automatically once an hour, and it takes time for it to check each blog. It may take approximately an hour, after the post is published on the blog, to appear on DeafRead. Still, this is quicker — now that the moderation step is skipped.

By using DeafRead Hide, you are in effect the moderator. Don’t like a blog? Hide it. To start using DeafRead Hide, look for “Dashboard” (with an icon of a gear. See below image.), hover it with your cursor, and a menu will pop up. Click on “Hide” to hide posts from that blog. Of course, this action can be undone by going to your Dashboard.


Ensure the DeafRead Hide feature is turned on. If it is, you’re logged in. If it’s showing as “Off”, login to enable the feature. This is shown below the Search Box. See below image.

Read more about DeafRead Hide.


4 Responses to “DeafRead’s new direction”

  1. MM Says:

    This may cause us a headache ! there seems many more posts nothing to do with deaf issues on deaf extra, which we will be expected to sift through. I prefer as it is now personally. Non-deaf oriented blogs will swamp by 4 to 1 and we will get adverts and everything too.

  2. Tayler Mayer Says:

    We are making this change while aware of its implications you listed and more. Again, we stress the DeafRead Hide feature as an useful tool to tailor DeafRead to your individual preference. Further, we are contuining moderation of new blogs to ensure they are non-commercial.

  3. MM Says:

    That will please the deaf who are fed up with hearing aid ads lol…

  4. Tayler Mayer Says:

    DeafRead has always steered away from commercial blogs – an exception being those by sponsors or advertisers. DeafRead Hide has been available as a feature for years now.

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