“Technical Difficulty” at DeafRead

Tayler MayerTayler Mayer By Tayler Mayer
Monday, April 2nd, 2012

About a month ago, I thought I had a clever idea: whenever a blog feed wasn’t found by DeafRead, the feed would be automatically turned off. Thus, DeafRead would no longer check the “dead” feed. What I miscalculated is that if the feed wasn’t found, it doesn’t necessarily mean the blog has officially died. It may have been unavailable for that precise moment DeafRead checked it.

The number of feeds subscribed to at DeafRead grows, and many do die from time to time. This was a way to purge the list, keeping the server load light and lean. It is somewhat intensive for the server to check each blog for new posts (last we looked, there are 602 active feeds). Obviously, we do not want to keep checking blogs which have been closed for years in the future.

From time to time, I do this manually; akin to a spring cleaning. The idea to automate this didn’t fare so well. As a result, some blog feeds were unintentionally turned off. This was my mistake.

After the first blogger contacted us about this, I immediately erased the automation code. Since then, two more bloggers have contacted us. After the third, I knew this post was necessary. There may be other blogs which hasn’t seen their posts on DeafRead and may be wondering why. I apologize.

Contact me if you haven’t seen your post(s) on DeafRead in some time, and I’ll quickly remedy it for you!

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