DeafRead Custom is re-named to DeafRead Hide

Tayler MayerTayler Mayer By Tayler Mayer
Monday, June 29th, 2009

Because DeafRead co-founder Jared Evans lives in Washington, D.C. and I live in Los Angeles, it’s not often that we get to meet in person. We meet frequently by instant messaging and e-mail one other nearly everyday. We were both at the recent DCARA vblog symposium in the Bay Area. We took the opportunity to meet and discuss DeafRead.

The first thing we talked about was DeafRead Custom. We felt that it wasn’t being used enough. Perhaps visitors did not understand how it was used, or what it was for. We decided we would re-brand DeafRead Custom and in doing so, re-name it to DeafRead Hide. The name itself says what it does.

(Currently there are 543 active Dashboard accounts and 257 “hides”).

You can personalize DeafRead to your liking. Blogs that you don’t want to see on DeafRead can be hidden. This requires registering for an account, which is called DeafRead Dashboard. If you’re not logged in, you’re seeing everything. Logged in, you can customize your Hide list. A hidden blog won’t appear on DeafRead.

When you register, an e-mail is sent to your e-mail address to confirm you’re the owner of the e-mail address. Enclosed in the e-mail is a link. Click it to verify and activate your Dashboard account.

There are two ways to hide a blog. The first is within your Dashboard. Click on “Hide”, and on the following page you are presented with a list of all of the blogs at DeafRead. Click the button “Hide” next to the blog you want hidden. After clicking “Hide” for a blog, this hidden blog will be shown on the top of the page. On this list of hidden blogs, click “Show” to undo this.

The other way is from the front page of DeafRead. Under each post summary, there’s a button “Dashboard” with an icon of a gear. Clicking this pops up a menu. Click “Hide” in this pop-up menu.

You can check whether you are logged in by checking the upper right corner of DeafRead. Next to DeafRead Hide: it says either “On” or “Off”.Picture 1

Register for a Dashboard account and personalize your DeafRead.

One Response to “DeafRead Custom is re-named to DeafRead Hide”

  1. MM Says:

    Deaf ‘Hide’ is a pretty pointless option anyway. All we have to do is ignore what we don’t want to see surely ? I know what blogs I don’t want to read,so I don’e log on to them. It seems not much point to go to a specfic area and type I don’t want to see or read you ! Unfortunately ignoring things does not make them go away ! How many people are ‘Hiding’ CI blogs ? or deaf cultura lones, surely a better guide to what is going on ! Lets have statistics who is blanking who :) Then we can ask why…. All we have to do is not respond to blogs we don’t like. Anyway, keep your freinds close, your protagonists closer…

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