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Tayler MayerTayler Mayer By Tayler Mayer
Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Last night I removed 23 “completely dead” blogs from DeafRead. They were either closed or the domain name no longer existed under the blogger’s ownership. One example is Was surprised to see this.

I did some work on DeafRead this morning. Some things here and there. Fixes and improvements. Nothing significant.

Also I improved an script and ran it on the database. It had been more than a year since I performed such a check. Scold on me. It marked more than 130 blogs as inactive. The script checked when a blog last published a post. If a new post hadn’t been published in 6 months or longer, the blog was marked as inactive. Inactive blogs are still checked for new posts every 24 hours however.

DeafRead has 300 active blogs. 13 new ones were approved in the last month.

DeafRead recently published its 25,000th post. 1,118 posts were moderated in March 2009.

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