New feature released: DeafRead Hide

Jared EvansJared Evans By Jared Evans
Thursday, April 17th, 2008

In the last year, there has been a boom in the number of v/blogs with huge traffic increase. In the last 12 months, we have served up to 5.2 million pageviews to over 226,000 unique visitors. We are seeing more variety of deaf v/bloggers and as a result DeafRead itself has changed a little bit over time. We see it as a healthy sign when DeafRead is continuing to attract more visitors and helping more people to become involved in v/blogging. We are achieving our purpose of bringing out your voices (figuratively speaking) to a wider pool of interested readers out there.

DeafRead, as a filtered aggregator, seeks out the deaf-related posts but this scope is still very wide. There are different philosophical approaches taken by the members of the d/Deaf community and can been seen in the life decisions that they have each made for themselves. These differences are often at odds with each other. The surge of audiologically-based blogs, featuring cochlear implants, AVT, and AGBell has unsettled some of our readers and has caused a visible discord among some v/bloggers. We have been listening, watching, and talking to our readership to gauge the general pulse regarding these blogs and what, if any, action we should take.

After a prolonged discussion among the DeafRead Team about potential solutions, we all have arrived at a decision. To be certain, this solution is the most vetted feature in the history of DeafRead. We gathered as much input from others outside the DeafRead Team and took into consideration all of our own concerns and the potential impact.

Specifically, we wanted to develop a solution that would:

1) Meet requests from many readers to be able to ignore blogs that they don’t find appealing or interesting.

2) Not place undue burden or delegate too much decision-making power into the DeafRead editors’ hands.

We have devised a solution called DeafRead Hide. We are directly giving you the power to tailor DeafRead to fit your unique taste. In the online world of the blogosphere, where there is blogging, reading, watching, and discussing by the masses, this feature fits in perfectly as a way for the masses to customize the information they get. We believe in gathering as much information as possible then making it all available to you to further customize to fit your desires and goals.

With DeafRead Hide, you can narrow the wide scope of deaf issues down to a level so you can enjoy more your visit to DeafRead. There may be several blogs that you may prefer to skip immediately so you can more easily focus your attention on blogs that interest you the most.

Newly subscribed blogs in the future at DeafRead will be automatically included inside the DeafRead Hide. You can give these new blogs a trial run before making a decision whether or not to keep them in your DeafRead Hide.

For now, DeafRead Hide is an experimental feature that may undergo further development based upon feedback from our DeafReadership. It will eventually be migrated to DeafRead Dashboard, which is currently under development. Right now, cookies are required for this feature to work. When it becomes a permanent feature under DeafRead Dashboard, logging in will be required.

Visit DeafRead Hide to set your list:

25 Responses to “New feature released: DeafRead Hide”

  1. DT Says:

    What happens, exactly, if I choose not to Customize? I guessing, nothing will change and if that’s so, great.

    Can folks Customize and Uncustomize at will?

  2. Jared Evans Says:

    DeafRead Custom is optional. You don’t need to use it at all. If you don’t use it, DeafRead will be the same as you have been seeing it.

    You can remove/add blogs to your Custom list of blogs to ignore. You can also reset the list to see everything again.

  3. Judge Says:

    You got to be kidding… I have to hide every one!! I want something AUTOMATIC!!

    Give me something easy to hide … Toooo many blogs I want to hide.

  4. kim Says:

    GREAT! I’m glad we have the option NOT to customize. There are NO blogs I wish to ignore 100% of the time. However, there are a few subjects I’m not interested in reading about. I’ll continue to read, skim or skip over just as always.

  5. Jared Evans Says:

    Judge, send me an email with your feedback and elaborate a bit more on what you mean by automatic.

  6. Amy Says:

    Hi, to click “Hide” means I don’t want to see their blogs, right?


  7. Deaf read fan Says:

    Great! I am happy to see your format stay the same as before and to continue to read blogs/ watch vlogs that offer new, fresh stuff. I feel very sorry for those who refuse to accept deaf people who use cochlear implants or prefer the oral method. Their BIG loss. For one, I am a strong Deaf person who is fluent in ASL and in oral/ written English. You are good at satisfying us readers like us! Very professional. Keep up your work!

  8. daveynin Says:

    Having “squared” submit buttons are too much. Click “to hide” button, loading the same page, click, load, click, load and vice versa.

    I would suggest to have array list of checkboxes, and submit once in same page to cool DeafRead traffic down..

  9. observer Says:

    Wow. With over 500 blogs to choose from – how about some kind of “select all” and “select none” or something, then we can choose which would be easier and has less clicking involved.

    Thanks for adding this, Tayler and Jared.

  10. Tayler Mayer Says:

    Yes, Click “Hide” next to any blog that you do not want to see on DeafRead.

    @daveynin and observer
    In fact, we weighed using that interface (checkboxes), but opted for the easiest to use interface (buttons).

    @Deaf read fan and observer
    Thank you for your remark!

  11. Curious Eyes Says:

    Wow, I never realized there were so many! some of them are listed twice. can you group them like in pages in ABC-order, instead of one long page? and can you make a “Check All” or “Uncheck All” to make the process faster? there are many more blogs I want to hide, than ones I want to show. Thank you for doing this.

  12. Jean Boutcher Says:

    Your “custom” is not feasible. For example, I clicked
    to hide about 50 blogs and moved them on the top. Later, the hidden blogs from the top have returned to the “SHOW” section below.

  13. Vans Says:

    Prefect, I can hide DeafRead Human Editor’s blog… 😉

  14. Vans Says:

    I mean, Perfect*

  15. Jared Evans Says:

    Jean, make sure your cookies are not cleared when you close the web broswer. You will lose your custom list.

    Van, you are welcome to hide this blog if you don’t find any value in reading it. :-)

  16. Jared Evans Says:

    We will look into improving the interface on DeafRead Custom based upon your feedback from these comments and via email (we have already received emails from our readers).

    Remember, many blogs have not posted anything in a long time and do so very infrequently, so it may not make much sense to ignore them in DeafRead Custom. You should focus on ignoring the blogs that have been seen on DeafRead recently and show up frequently.

    The majority of content is created by a few vblogs and this is where setting up a DeafRead Custom list pays off the most.

  17. Allen Says:

    Judge…ha! We should be able to select ALL and then uncheck the ones we like. I wish there is a way to identify which blogs are CI so it can be automatic. Click to HIDE ALL CIs blogs. Jared…maybe you can put asterik next to ASL or CI blogs to indicate that it is ASL or CI…then we can select all ASTERISK to keep or hide. Obviously, this custom is invented in response to CI issues.

  18. drmzz Says:

    Pretty cool once you set it up. Like u said, keep the cookies option unchecked in Firefox’e empty private data option, otherwise start all over again. Can also use MS IE just for DR reading instead. Thanks.

  19. Lolypup Says:

    This is an awesome new feature and wonderful for us who would rather not have to skim so many blogs in our daily reading. Also I just recently discovered the color skins option, thanks for that also!

  20. Deaf read fan Says:

    I find I could not open certain vlogs like John Lestina’s and Utah video? Some I could access while others I couldn’t get in. In other words, the video is missing, nothing for me to click upon? Before you added the feature, I was able to access any blog or vlog via Deaf read. Maybe a glitch or something? Thanks.

  21. Neecy Says:

    Thank you for not making customization mandatory. I enjoy the freedom of a NON-CENSORED listing of the available blogs, and hope this never changes. Of course those that wish to stick their heads in the sand and pretend that sections X, Y, and Z of the deaf community don’t exist are more than welcome to, but I, for one, welcome the diversity that makes up the entire deaf community! Thank you, once again, for such a great site.

  22. Allen Says:

    Please put DR Custom on your sidebar for people to go to delete CI blogs or any other annoying blogs. Right now people have to look for this blog to do the custom thing. Thank you, DR.

  23. Abbie Says:

    I think this is a great solution to empower the readers of Deafread. Personally, I wont’ be using the customization.

  24. meryl Says:

    I like the changes you’ve made to DeafRead. Keep up the great work.

    Question: I noticed some “VISITS” boxes are gray while most are blue. Can’t find what these colors mean. Anyone? I also think it would help to have this information in the page that explains DeafRead.

  25. Tayler Mayer Says:

    I agree there should be a page explaining these features.

    The visits box that are colored gray are by hearing bloggers. Keep in mind, we limit the number of hearing bloggers on DeafRead, and they are subject to a higher standard as stated in the DeafRead Guidelines.

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