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Tayler MayerTayler Mayer By Tayler Mayer
Monday, January 7th, 2008

I visit DeafRead Extra to find offhand or interesting posts. I never fail to find one on each of my visits. :) Anyway, I did three changes regarding DeafRead Extra. I hope you’ll like them.

Instead of clicking on the box to vote for a DeafRead Extra post, the box to the left of the title now displays the number of visits that post has received from DeafRead Extra. Read about how visits are different than pageviews, in that visits are counted only once per visitor at DeafRead.

The link to vote is still available. It is to the left of the title. e.g. “2 Votes”

Filter Posts
At a blog’s DeafRead Profile, you now can filter that blog for 1) Published 2) Extra and 3) All posts. At DeafRead Blog Subscriptions, blogs are listed. Click any of them to view its DeafRead Profile. On the right side, under “DeafRead Active Posts” and “DeafRead Total Visits”, click on the drop down to filter the blog’s posts. Example: y3’s DeafRead Profile


Extra Count
In the middle column (or, if you like, the second sidebar from the left), we display the number of total posts moderated in the last 24 hours. I’ve added the total count of Extra posts published in the last 24 hours. In the below image, “All (28)” will continue to reflect the total of both Vlogs and Blogs shown on DeafRead, and exclude those of DeafRead Extra. Below, you can see that when I clipped a snapshot of the buttons, 11 posts were published to DeafRead Extra in the last 24 hours.


Enjoy the improvements!

15 Responses to “DeafRead Extra changes”

  1. Seek Geo Says:

    Right on..

    Extra page is my favorite, believe it or not. One thing I am not sure if it is a bit too complicate or too much work if you would be able to put “video” icon for posts in extra page that has video available?

    Because I can’t tell which is ones that has video and also the other issue is once a post is being moved over to front page, there won’t be a video icon showed up. :-)


  2. Tayler Mayer Says:

    Glad you like DeafRead Extra. :)

    It wouldn’t require much time to make the code changes, however it takes more time for the Human Editors to mark Extra posts as vlog or blog. They already work hard (and for little money). Human Editors need to check each post for videos, and that includes waiting for the post and video to load. I remember in the early days of DeafRead, it was easy being a Human Editor. I’ve stretched the job description to include more things, and prefer not to add any more.

    Most times, visitors can guess whether a Extra post is a vlog or blog, by the length of summary. You probably do this intuitively. :)

    Once we move a post from DeafRead Extra to DeafRead, we need to remember to add the video icon, if one is needed. If we overlook this, email us! We’ll be happy to add it.

  3. Bill Says:

    Like it!

  4. Judge Says:

    Great! Usually enjoyin’ the Extra!

    Keep up!

  5. daveynin Says:

    When will we see the filter system in DeafRead Subscriptions Bloggers page? I’m bugging ya..

    I am not crazy over Deaf-related topic, I still enjoy Extra feature.

  6. Deb Ann Says:

    Thanks, Tayler!

  7. Tayler Mayer Says:

    You’re welcome, Deb Ann!

    Hi daveyin, do you mean showing which blogs are new on the subscription page? I remember you asking about this previously.

  8. CoachCreech Says:

    Thanks It will be great..


    that good and i hope we can find back where commet because sometime i clink go back where topic and check out what they talk about some of them dont have clink small box that will pop up our email to check commet. but i want to know if everyone can use small box clink will be easier email check up again and again curious about more commet what they own different opiinon feedback commet. i will check out more and more on deafread go back commet again more education commet add reason or dislike does it matter what they think of topic.

  10. Deaf Mom Says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work on this site.

  11. Tayler Mayer Says:

    Thanks, Deaf Mom! :)

    Alan Jeffers, that is something we’d love to do.

  12. daveynin Says:

    Tayler – Yup.

  13. Rob Says:

    Nice work, Tayler. :)

  14. Paotie Says:


    Keep up the confusing guidelines!

    Good job!



  15. deafk Says:

    Just begin to enjoy the Extras more now!! Thanks, Tayler for making it more enjoyment! 😀


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