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Vlog announcing new DeafRead Extra

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Length: 0:40


Hello and welcome to DeafRead and I’m Tayler Mayer. I would like to introduce the new DeafRead Extra. We have Human Editors who publish deaf-related posts. The remaining posts were published to a RSS feed called DeafRead Extra.

Now DeafRead Extra is on a page for everyone to see on the web. Also now anyone can vote on the posts. If a post gets enough votes, the post will be moved from DeafRead Extra to the front page of DeafRead. If you feel something should be on the front page, vote on it.

Hope everyone likes this new feature. Thank you! :)

(Click here to read the first blog entry announcing DeafRead Extra for additional information)

New Feature: Vote on DeafRead Extra

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

This new feature symbolizes a new phase in DeafRead’s young life. Based on great feedback on DeafRead Vote (, especially from Jon Savage, we made major changes by taking the concept of DeafRead Vote and applied it to DeafRead Extra.

We are making the posts on DeafRead Extra more visible by putting them on a page. Anyone will be able to vote on posts they enjoy. Deafread Extra will give voice to DeafReaders to help the Human Editors by voting on posts which should be included on the front page.

How does posts end up in DeafRead Extra in the first place? Posts that aren’t deaf-centric are published at DeafRead Extra and will not be categorized (Media, Culture, Language, etc) nor labeled as a blog or vlog.

We built in some mechanisms to minimize abuse while ensuring everyone can vote and that it is a good experience. 10 seconds needs to pass between two votes. This is to prevent rapid voting. An user will be able to vote once on a post. This can be easily manipulated; however it is a tedious process to vote repeatedly, so we are confident it will deter system-wide abuse.

After a period of observation, we will choose a fair number of votes that is required before a post is moved to the front page. When a post reaches this magic number, it will be automatically moved from DeafRead Extra to the front page.

With DeafRead Extra, everyone will be able to work together to ensure that quality posts will show up on the front page. If you like a post, vote for it! We’ll be watching for them! :)

Early Friday the 13th Incident

Monday, April 16th, 2007

On Thursday, April 12, while testing a new DeafRead feature, something went terribly wrong and most of our data was wiped out. In approximately an hour, we were able to restore 60% of data. Work continued well into the night and we were able to restore a small amount of data. The next day (Friday the 13th) saw significant recovery efforts, and we were able to restore it to nearly 100%. The only missing data were the number of views between April 4th and April 12th.

Ever since we moved to a new server, we had to take on more responsibilities in maintaining the server. On top of adding new features, we overlooked the importance of backing up our databases. We now have an automated script running daily to back up the databases. Worst case scenario, we would lose only 24 hours worth of data. And we would be able to re-fetch recent posts restoring it to nearly 100%.

We are more frustrated than anyone else that this has happened to us. We know how important DeafRead is to many people and we strive to make it the best we can with our limited resources.

P.S. During this stressful time, Tom Willard requested a post of his to be published at DeafRead, which was declined. It was an obituary for his mother’s recent passing, and I replied with a “No”, then followed up with an e-mail three minutes later sending my sympathies. I apologize for my moment of thoughtlessness in my initial response.

DeafRead generally does not publish obituaries unless they are for someone well-known in the deaf community. To learn about how DeafRead selects posts to publish, see our Guidelines. Unpublished posts are available in our DeafRead Extra RSS Feed. We encourage you to subscribe to blogs that you enjoy and don’t want to miss any posts.

“Through Deaf Eyes” Contest Winners!

Monday, April 16th, 2007


First of all, we would like to thank all of the bloggers who wrote written essays and vloggers who created video clips to be a part of the DeafRead’s “Through Deaf Eyes” contest! We enjoyed reading all of the writings and watching video clips that were submitted to us.

We do appreciate and know how much work it can take to write up an excellent essay as well as creating an amazing video clip.

All of the editors reviewed all 20 of them and we voted for each blog entry and vlog video entry that we thought was the best of each. Yes, it was a difficult decision for all of us but we managed to select a winner!

Without further ado, we proudly announce that the winners of the DeafRead’s “Through Deaf Eyes” contest are as follows:

The Best Blog Essay Entry goes to:
“Through Deaf Eyes: Review” by BrownEyedGirl65’s (BEG) blog, What That You Said?

The Best Vlog Video Clip goes to:
“Part I: Through Deaf Family’s Eyes on PBS Through Deaf Eyes” by Barbara DiGiovanni’s vlog, Deaf Progressivism: Making Strides Toward Deaf Pride

DeafRead congratulates to BEG and Barb for winning the contest! Both winners of each best blog and vlog response will receive the book, “Through Deaf Eyes”. ($40 dollar value)

Here are the links:

BEG’s “What That You Said?” blog entry:


Barb’s “Deaf Progressivism” video entry:


The vote count is as follows:


BrownEyedGirl65: 5 votes

Tied: David Evans and Mark Drolsbaugh: 3

Deaf Pagan Crossroads: 1


Barb DiGi: 4 votes

Tied: David Martin and Joey Baer: 3

Teri Sentelle: 2

“Through Deaf Eyes” Finalists!

Saturday, April 14th, 2007


I would like to personally thank all the bloggers and vloggers who posted their work about “Through Deaf Eyes”, and we are proud to announce the top 10 blogs and top 10 vlogs out of a total of 55 submissions!

Human Editors of DeafRead will be voting for the best blog and vlog for this contest. The winners will be announced by Monday, April 16, 2007.

Click the images below and it’ll take you to their webpage.






















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